Smart City

stren tech

We provide end-to-end Smart city services including advisory to cities and regions, smart city start-ups and service providers as well as to investors

Smart city

We help building Smart cities and connect public subjects with businesses
  • Prepare projects and project documentation
  • Workshops with city and region representatives to introduce Smart city topic
  • Connect with academic subjects providing science and research in Smart city area
  • Introduce Smart city service providers to public organisations as well as investors

Smart waste

We develop solutions to support circular economy and save environment
  • Solutions helping understand citizens’ and companies’ behaviour in generating waste, motivation to improve this behaviour and more efficient waste collection

Smart mobility

We develop solutions to support ride sharing and link between individual and public transport
  • Spolutaxi – project dedicated to support shared mobility of citizens via taxi booking, taxi ride sharing and shuttle on demand (preparation of commercial launch)

Stren Tech connects subjects from

  • Business

  • Public and

  • Academic

spheres to create ecosystem of urban solutions

stren tech